Ultrasil 9100 GR allows production of green tyres for trucks and buses

Ultrasil 9100 GR allows production of green tyres for trucks and buses

Evonik has developed Ultrasil 9100 GR, a silica that is particularly suitable for use in truck and bus tyres.

In contrast to passenger car tyres, these use mainly natural rubber, which, in combination with the silence, places special requirements on the silica.

With Evonik’s Silica/Silane technology, fuel savings could be as high as eight per cent, representing an important cost factor and a significant contribution to environmental conservation, particularly in buses and trucks with high mileage.

The braking distance is also reduced, leading to greater driving safety on wet or snow-covered roads.

As a result of the long distances covered and of variations in infrastructure, the treads, especially of truck and bus tyres, are subjected to particularly heavy load.

Thanks to Silica/Silane technology Ultrasil 9100 GR, despite its high specific surface area, is easily incorporated into and dispersed in the natural rubber compound, and contributes to improved abrasion resistance, which in turn allows better mileage performance.

Dr Jens Kiesewetter, Head of technical Service for Rubber Silica at Evonik, said: “So Silica/Silane technology, especially when used in green tyres for buses and trucks with high fuel consumption levels, is making an important contribution to climate protection.”

Dr Bernhard Schafer, Head of Rubber Silica at Evonik, said: “Feedback from the market tells us that demand for green tyres continues to be very high, thanks to their advantages. Their use in buses and trucks particularly is still quite new and is attracting great interest.”

Evonik will be exhibiting the technology at Tire Technology Expo 2019 in Hannover, from the 5th to 7th of March.