Tranya T3 Wireless Earphones Review: Comfy Earphones With Good Sound Quality

Tranya T3 Wireless Earphones Review: Comfy Earphones With Good Sound Quality

True Wireless Earphones are becoming more and more popular because of their easy carrying and hands-free. As earphones are wireless, manufacturers should consider how to make sure the TWS earphones will not fall out from ears. Therefore, manufacturers do everything to solve the problem. But they often ignore another problem—whether TWS earphones comfortable to wear. Several days ago, I got a pair of earphones called Tranya T3 Wireless Earphones. Let’s check out the review.


Tranya T3 Wireless Earphones adopt round design, and the overall design is similar to Xiaomi Redmi AirDots. But the solid support of Tranya T3 is bigger than Redmi AirDots. You might think Redmi AirDots would be more comfortable because of the size, and I thought so at first. However, the truth is that the Tranya T3 is more comfortable than Redmi AirDots. Although the solid support of Tranya T3 is bigger, your ears will not feel pressure when you wear them. Among the earphones I have tested, I think the most comfortable earphones is the Tranya T3 Wireless Earphones. I wear them when I do my daily work, and they never fall out. That’s good.

The earphones have a physical button to control them and an indicating light on the button. The operational approach is easy. You can press the button (left/right) to play or pause the music. Press and hold the button of the right earbud up to 2 seconds to skip forward to the next track, and press and hold the button of the left earbud up to 2 seconds to be back to the previous track. What’s more, it can control volume, wake up voice assistant (Siri), and answer/reject a call.

Tranya T3 comes with a charging box with a lid, which is small and easy to take out. In particular, the appearance design of charging box adopts two materials. The lid is made of glossy plastic, and the base is made of matte silicone. The touch feeling and texture is good, and I like it. There is a LED indicator on the charging case, the red is on while charging, and it is off when fully charged.


The most important point for earphones is quality of sound, and I deem that the Tranya T3 Wireless Earphones perform well. However, different from the other earphones, personally, I think the auto mode shows the best performance. The Tranya T3 comes with a rich stereo sound and each note is crisp and clear, a minimum amount of distortion on the highs is scarcely heard. When I heard a ballad, they brought me into the scene, and I was immersed in. What surprised me is that the thumping sound shows good in the auto mode. In the surround stereo mode, I deem that the earbuds have distortion. And the bass mode is too powerful for me.

Overall, the Tranya T3 Wireless Earphones perform well, and I prefer the auto mode.


The Tranya T3 Wireless Earphones have a battery capacity of 60mAh each and the charging case is fueled by 800mAh. They can be used for 6 to 8 hours with single charge, which are enough for daily use.


Tranya T3 is a comfy earphones which is suitable for everyone. There are a lot of earphones at the market, but comfy earphones are rare. If you lack a pair of comfortable earphones, just pick it.