Singaporean actor Huang Yiliang convicted of assaulting Bangladeshi worker

Singaporean actor Huang Yiliang convicted of assaulting Bangladeshi worker

He threw a wooden plank and a plastic pail at the victim before hitting him with a metal scraper

Retired actor-director Ng Aik Leong, better known as Huang Yiliang, has been convicted of assaulting his Bangladeshi worker in 2018.

The Singaporean, now 59, used a metal scraper to hit Jahidul, 34, twice in the abdomen and once on the head at the Singapore Islamic Hub (SIH) in Braddell Road around 4.30pm on Dec 11 that year.

As a result, Jahidul suffered injuries to his scalp and torso, reports The Straits Times.

On January 22 this year, District Judge John Ng found the former actor guilty of one count of assault following a trial.

Ng also has an unrelated charge of disturbing the public peace and is accused of fighting with another man, Mogana Raj Saravanan, on June 9, 2019. This case will be dealt with at a later date.

Jahidul worked for Ng at his plumbing company, HYL Enterprises, and lived in the same house in a room where tools were kept, reports Mothership.

According to court documents, Jahidul said Ng would often enter his room at night, turn on the lights and scold him with vulgarities while pointing a finger at his nose.

Ng would also challenge him to fights, but he would not dare to answer as he was frightened of Ng.

Unable to take the abuse, Jahidul requested several times for Ng to send him back to Bangladesh, but Ng had purportedly refused to do so.

The Bangladeshi added that on the day of the incident, he was performing some cleaning work at the SIH under Ng's supervision when Ng grew incensed after finding out the worker had used a rope shorter than what he wanted.

Jahidul told the court that Ng threw a plastic pail and wooden plank at him. Jahidul said the pail struck his back and he climbed down from a ladder he was on as he was frightened.

Ng then assaulted him with the metal scraper.

The court heard that when Jahidul walked away to call the police, Ng told him to return to their work space so he could beat him up.

A police officer who was later deployed to the scene also testified in court during the trial last year.

Sergeant Wesley Teo told Judge Ng that Jahidul had seemed "distressed" and "teary-eyed."The policeman also said that the Bangladeshi appeared to be deeply afraid of Ng.

Adjunct Associate Professor Kenneth Heng Wei Jian, a senior consultant at the emergency department of Tan Tock Seng Hospital, later attended to Jahidul.

The court heard that after a physical examination, Jahidul was diagnosed with a minor head injury.

Dr Heng then prescribed Jahidul painkillers and gave him a two-day medical certificate.

Ng claimed victim asked him to beat him

Ng, who was not represented by a lawyer, acted out parts of the scene, and claimed the victim had asked him to beat him.

The Straits Times further reported that Ng claimed that Jahidul had treated him "as his father," and that the victim said: "I allow you to hammer me because I do things so slowly."

But Deputy Public Prosecutor Chong Kee En said: "the ridiculousness of the... defence speaks for itself."

He added: "As the victim put it, the accused's story was laughable as no one would have the sense to ask someone else to beat them."

Ng, who is out on bail after paying a S$15,000 bail, told reporters outside of the court that he thinks he is "not that bad.”

He then said "thank you" and hurriedly walked when reporters tried to ask him about the details of the case.

Ng, who left Mediacorp in 2008 after working as an actor for more than 20 years, will be sentenced on February 26.

Those convicted of causing hurt with a weapon can be jailed for up to seven years, and fined or caned.

Ng cannot be caned as he is more than 50 years old.