SIH hits record in administering monoclonal antibody infusions to COVID-19 patients

SIH hits record in administering monoclonal antibody infusions to COVID-19 patients

SIH set a record this month in the number of monoclonal antibody infusions it performs in a week.

For the week of Dec. 11, SIH did 90 monoclonal antibody infusions, which is the current record. The week of Dec. 18, they performed 89 MAB infusions.

Since they began the offering these infusions, they have performed a total of 1,271 infusions.

Adding the treatment for COVID-19 was a collaborative effort between the SIH Cancer Institute infusion staff, the lab and other departments within SIH, according to Susie O’Neill, nurse executive for oncology and infusion services at SIH Cancer Institute. They opened six infusion chairs at SIH Herrin Hospitals.

“We’ve been able to schedule patients for infusions,” O’Neill said.

The monoclonal antibody infusion area at Herrin Hospital is open 12 hours a day Monday through Friday.

A study conducted by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases found that South Africans infected with Omicron were 80% less likely to require hospitalization.

“The sooner you get the treatment, the better the outcomes. We don’t want to wait 10 days. We want to get them in,” Dr. Sara Malone said.

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To get an MAB infusion, a patient must have a physician’s orders. As soon as getting a positive test result, patients should call their physician and schedule a visit to get the orders for an infusion.

MAB treatment must be done within 10 days of the first symptom — or first test if you are symptom-free.

It is currently open to patients considered high risk, meaning they have another condition that could result in a serious illness from COVID-19. Examples of those conditions include heart or lung disease, obesity, diabetes, being an immune compromised patients, and others.

“I’ve seen some really high-risk patients get MAB and have very few symptoms,” Malone said. “Get in early – as soon as you can.”

Rosslind Rice, SIH lead communications coordinator, said 46 patients are hospitalized at SIH — 23 at SIH Memorial Hospital of Carbondale and 23 at SIH Herrin Hospital. Another three patients with COVID-19 are hospitalized at Harrisburg Medical Center.

For more information visit or call the COVID hotline at 844-988-800, seven days per week from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.