Portland company making reusable silicone masks

Portland company making reusable silicone masks

PORTLAND, CT (WFSB) – Another Connecticut company is stepping up to protect healthcare workers.

A Portland business has developed a silicone mask to fight off COVID-19.

The company, Siltec, makes silicone products and now they’re ready to make masks. Th benefit of the masks is that they can be safely reused.

“The mask we developed was one piece of silicone mask here, so the strings and the straps here are sterilizable. The entire mask is made of silicone so the whole thing can be sterilized,” said Leigh Radziwon.

Two business women have developed a mask that could save lives.

“What makes the mask unique is the backing is also make of silicone, so when it’s pulled off, it sticks really well,” Radziwon said.

The masks can be used with replicable filters and safely used over and over by healthcare workers. They can even be work by different individuals after being washed in soap and water or rubbed with alcohol.

State Senator Norm Needleman wants to see lots of these masks made quickly.

At Siltec, a number of silicone products are made from prosthetics for amputees and face masks for parties and Halloween costumes.

“When all the talk around the masks was happening, we were thinking how can we make the transition to all medical masks more effective using our silicone technology,” said Kim Murrary.

They’ve come up with a product, but now they need funding to produce up to 5,000 per day.

“There’s a great opportunity here for a unique product that fills a need immediately. These two ladies have worked so hard in the last week, they dropped everything and are looking at finding manufacturers,” Needleman said.

They could apply for a state loan, but that could take months and time is of the essence. They’re hoping a private company see this and comes forward.