New Products: Lanxess focuses on rubber additives, release agents for tires

New Products: Lanxess focuses on rubber additives, release agents for tires

COLOGNE, Germany—Specialty chemicals company Lanxess A.G. says it is focused on high-performance rubber additives and cleaner release solutions to meet the needs of tire manufacturers.

The industry is facing increased environmental and market-related challenges, according to Emre Ekici, marketing head of tire products at Lanxess's Rhein Chemie business unit.

"Our rubber additives business line helps tire companies by increasing the tire performance and lowering the environmental footprint with an extensive portfolio of compound additives, release agents and bladders," Ekici said in a news release.

Rhein Chemie offers the release agents, which are chemicals that prevent other materials from bonding to surfaces. The release agents need to be removed for foams and sensors to adhere to sealant or low-noise tires. The sensors transmit data about tire pressure, temperature and tread depth to drivers and fleet operators for maintenance and safety reasons.

Lanxess's range of release agents extends from traditional silicone-based products (Rhenodiv BP-286 and Rhenodiv BP-2864), which are removed from the tires with mechanical washing systems or by laser technology after vulcanization, to the new generation, silicone-free products (Rhenodiv BP-166 and Rhenodiv BP-95000.

The Lanxess portfolio also includes branded tire marking paints (Rhenomark), tire vulcanization bladders (Rhenoshape), aramid-fiber masterbatches (Rhenogran) and special additives that the company says provide sustainable solutions for manufacturers.

Lanxess will put a spotlight on the portfolio at the Tire Technology Expo 2020 in Hanover, Germany, from Feb. 25-27. The company will be in Booth 4014.