Dow introduces first innovative thermal conductive gap filler in Thailand for assembly and output of EV batteries

Dow introduces first innovative thermal conductive gap filler in Thailand for assembly and output of EV batteries

Dow Thailand Group, a leading global materials science company, has launched the first silicone innovation for electric vehicle (EV) battery assembly in Thailand by offering high performance thermal conductive silicone DOWSIL™ TC-5515 LT. The product is among the latest technologies popular in the industry abroad. It helps break limitations in the electric vehicle industry by enhancing performance and extending the life of EV batteries, while reducing production costs from modifying workpieces. This innovative product in now ready for sale to entrepreneurs in Thailand.

Dow developed DOWSILTM TC-5515 LT, a high-performance and low-density thermal conductive gap filler for EV battery packs, to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide - a cause of global warming from fuel combustion. With the new product, Thailand automotive battery manufacturers are prepared to meet critical needs presented by the worldwide EV market. The product performs reliably and is applicable to automatic production for EV battery assembly. The product features include, though are not limited to:

• Thermal conductive for heat dissipation

• Low density for light weight requirement

• Resistance to thermal shock (-40°C to 125°C) aging

• Resistance to high temperature and humidity aging

• UL 94V0 flammability standard

• Providing stress relief during the assembly process

It is also reworkable and leaves no strains when removed; therefore, it can reduce the cost of modifying workpieces.

Dr. Taninchote Lertpongkijja, Dow Thailand Consumer Solutions Marketing Manager, said, “Efficient thermal management is critical for EV battery safety and lifespan. Direct thermal conduction, such as a liquid cooling system, is one of the most effective ways to carry heat away from the EV battery. Dow’s comprehensive and efficient silicone solutions not only help manufacturers troubleshoot challenges, but also bring great benefits to the development of EV and mobility industries.” Dr. Lertpongkijja adds, “Especially among new products, DOWSIL™ TC-5515 LT Low Density Thermal Gap Filler is trusted among leading EV producers. Now, we are delivering this latest innovation to Thailand's local EV battery manufacturers.”

More features and technical information for DOWSIL™ TC-5515 LT Thermal Gap Filler, the innovative high-performance silicone for EV batteries, can be found at: